3 Phase Auto Changeover Current Limit (ACCL)

The main purpose of this product is to switch power between EB and DG power sources and the unique feature in Lavis 3 Phase ACCL is that it provides protection from Neutral Pole Failure, one of the main reasons for gadget burnouts. The in-built Auto Phase Sequence Correction ensures seamless operation of 3 phase gadgets like VRV ACs, Lifts, Water pumps even during adverse conditions.


Automatic change over from EB to DG Supply & vice versa

Provided with a selector switch to select manual or Auto operation

Protection from Neutral Disconnection

LED indications: R,Y,B, EB ON & DG ON

Adjustable DG Over load setting

Auto / Manual Normal / Reverse Sequence Soft Switch

Inbuilt Auto Phase Sequence Corrector (Optional)

Free standing / wall mountable powder coated cabinet

12 Amps to 63 Amps


At the output of common meters in flats so that lift and water pumps do not stop due to reverse sequence


Lifts / VRV air-conditioners