Auto Phase Sequence Corrector (APSC)

This unit has been designed to prevent elevators, water pumps, air-conditioners and other equipment that are prone to damage due to abrupt power interruptions or improper sequence of the incoming three phase power. The intermittent power outage results in reverse motor rotation which draws power in the process endangering the life cycle of any appliances.

Lavis Engineering Pvt Ltd has designed the above product with an aim to eliminate all of the above complexities and ensure smooth functioning of three phase operated machines without any manual interventions. When APSC is connected to the mains, it checks for the input supply for any voltage deviations, phase loss and allows power to be disbursed only when the parameters are conducive. Apart from the above features, it also checks for input sequencing, autocorrecting the output to be within allowable limits.


Phase Sequence Detection

Phase Sequence Correctio

Phase Sequence Correctio

Neutral Disconnection Protection

Auto Manual Switch

High Voltage Protection

Protection from over load (Optional)

Surge Protection


Air Conditioners

Elevators ( Lifts )

VRV Systems

3 Phase Water MotorsĀ