Integrated Mains Protection Unit (IMPU)

Lavis engineering explicitly apprehends the importance of household appliances and has therefore designed an Integrated Mains Protection Unit to safeguard all electrical and electronic appliances from high/low voltages, earth leakages, surge voltages and neutral disconnection eliminating the risk of any mishap and offering an advantage over normal distribution panels.


Over voltage cut off

Under voltage cut off

Neutral Disconnection Protection

Over current / Short circuit Protection

Surge Protection

Earth Leakage Protection

Auto Phase Selection

Intelligent Inverter Interface




Commercial Centres

Protections in Normal Panel

– – –

– – –

– – –

– – –

– – –

Overload by MCB

– – –

Short Circuit

25% Protected

Protections in Lavis IMPU

High Voltage

Low Voltage


Earth Leakage (RCCB)

Neutral Disconnection

Overload by MCB

Electronic Overload

Short Circuit

95% + Protection